PROFILE - Insurance News Australia - 2012

InsuranceNewsAustralia.com (INAcom) is the quality news service for and about the general and life insurance industries in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

The editorial principles are on integrity and accuracy and sense of duty to our readers in a globally vital and influential industry. Our integrity has been attested in law.

INAcom news articles, interviews, trends and analyses are read by decision-makers of insurers, intermediaries, reinsurers, government regulators, lawyers, rating agencies, wealth protection and creation firms, risk management and claim solutions companies, service providers and educational institutions.

Our news is presented for the 21st Century – swift, easy, clear and pertinent to all the relevant segments of the industry.

InsuranceNewsAustralia.com launched in June 1999 as the first dedicated web news service about the Australian, New Zealand and global insurance industry and still breaks more news than anyone.

INAcom publishes detailed news services and commentary twice weekly, 100 times a year each Tuesday and Friday and breaks “need to know” News Extras of events as soon as they occur on any day of the week.

Its archives, unique in their ease and speed of access, are arguably a subscriber's most valuable research tool – for study, storage and time-saving to gain a competitive edge.

Readership comments include: Broker: “Exceptional edition!! Glad to have you back”. Broker: “Excellent Newsletter John!! Thanks for keeping us informed here in country Victoria!” Insurer: Your standard of journalism has always been of the highest calibre and a must read every day for us”. Insurer: “…the best insurance news service in the country!”