Prices and Ordering

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Annual subscription rates from January 1 2011 in A$ incl GST. For secure user name and password for 12 months subscription.

Please call for current rates on subscriptions listed below:

Single State Office 1 to 4 users $561
Group Value Rates 10 users $1342
  20 users $2449
  30 users $3600
  40 users $4376
  50 users $4722
  60 users $5400
  70 users $6010
  80 users $6640
  90 users $6750

100 plus subscribers on application
*GST does not apply outside Australia

A Tax Invoice is issued immediately the subscription cheque or bank transfer is received.

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  • FACTS – the news of value and integrity about Australia's and the world's 21st Century Insurance and Financial Services
  • Twice weekly - MORE THAN 100 ISSUES A YEAR with News Extras
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